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Ofcom publishes Communications Market Report 2005

The latest batch of documents from Ofcom have being released, in the form of the Communications Market Update 2005. The links to the various parts are shown below:

The key theme is that 2004 was a year when broadband in the UK become mainstream, reaching 6.2 million connections by the end of year. This was combined with price cuts, that saw 1Mbps connections coming down in price from an average of £35 at the start of 2004 to around £20 by the start of 2005. though we must add that much of the price reduction is down to the launch of metered products, and providers introducing fair use policies as a way of limiting their cost base.

The report for those following the UK broadband market uncovers very little new ground, but it does provide a good resource for people researching broadband in the UK or abroad.

The emergence of fair use policies does get a two paragraph mention around page 100. Little is made in terms of conclusion, other than to say that there is some uncertainty as to the long term impact as high bandwidth services become more common. Certainly services with small caps like 1 to 5GB will not be sufficient for emerging services like video on demand, but if HDTV over a broadband connection takes off then limits like 30GB will seem too small.


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