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New community in Milton Keynes to get fibre to the home

Fibre to the premises/home (FTTP/FTTH) is becoming relatively common in a number of countries around the world, but to date in the UK has really only had limited trial deployments. The website has details of a community development that will see fibre deployed to connect around 2000 homes, schools and businesses in the Milton Keynes area. The Oakgrove Millenium Community scheme should see the first houses available in 2007, with Internet connections around 20 times faster than the average broadband connection now. The fibre though will be used for much more, one obvious benefit even for those not interested in the Internet, is that there will be no line rental costs, and fee local telephone calls due to the utilisation of Voice over IP technology. Other enhancements look set to be things like home control from outside the home, neighbourhood watch schemes and improved alarm systems.

"Oakgrove’s citizens will be able to enjoy all the convenience that modern technology can harness and the community will act as an exemplar for further developments. We plan to work closely with residents to introduce enhancements to keep pace with an ever-changing market. Oakgrove will be a fun place to live with a strong identity enhanced through technology."

BT’s Jeremy Stafford

BT has been chosen as the project's technology partner, and just maybe this development will show the potential for other new housing builds as we head into the 21st Century. Deploying fibre in areas where there is an existing copper local loop and road infrastructure can actually be quite expensive, so installing it from day one on a new build estate makes a lot of sense.


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