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Be Unlimited apologises for duplicate privacy policy

Be Unlimited only emerged into the broadband spotlight at the start of July 2005, and is in the final stages of getting ready to unleash the potential of an up to 24Mbps ADSL2+ service in the UK. Unfortunately the eagle eyed reader may have noticed a distinct similarity between Be's privacy policy, and that of Bulldog Broadband. Screenshots from the two websites made on the morning of the 6th July 2005 both are shown below:

Be Unlimited Privacy Policy Bulldog Privacy Policy
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Be has now altered its privacy policy, after admitting the mistake, the revised version can be seen at Dana Pressman of Be Unlimited released the statement below on the subject.

"Be Un limited is deeply regretful for any issues arriving from the inappropriate copy posted on its interim website. I could go into justifying how and why it happened, but ultimately all that matters is that we make it right and focus on getting our launch product and website to the highest quality. I can assure you that although unfortunate, this error will not reflect on the product that we deliver nor our promise to maintain appropriate data protection for those that submit their information."

Dana Pressman, Managing Director, Be Unlimited

Certainly while getting caught copying content from another providers website is unfortunate, it is far from being a major travesty. A common phrase is that a company can be judged by how it handles the mistakes, rather than how it handles the successes. In this case Be have been quick to address the issue.

We along with many others look forward to seeing the plans of the company develop. The product looks set to offer people an all-in-one service of telephone, Internet and TV, using a 'BeBox' unit to terminate the broadband line.


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