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Bulldog issues a statement on customer service issues has published a statement released by Bulldog in response to user complaints. The same statement is also in another article about Bulldog customer service written by Alice Lander and Graeme Wearden over on ZDNet UK.This is reproduced below:

"Our service is in great demand and, rightly, people have big expectations of what it will deliver,

Getting the delivery of broadband right for each customer is complex and is affected by many factors including the location of the customer and the co-operation of multiple partners, so we do receive a lot of requests for information from our customers about their specific circumstances. We are building up customer service resources rapidly to ensure we can handle all calls satisfactorily within an acceptable time limit"

Bulldog spokeswoman

As Mark of ISPReview also notes, Bulldog did have customer service problems last year, and we did see a decrease in complains for a few months, but it appears that as demand for the @ctive services increases, Bulldog are unable to scale their support services rapidly enough. We do not deny that there will be plenty of Bulldog users who have no problems, and probably therefore no need to contact customer support, in fact we do see happy Bulldog users on our forums. Our concern is what is happening when there are problems, and since Bulldog now run your telephone service, the level of support people will expect increases.

One of the reasons for the rapid rise in customers will be the series of special offers Bulldog run, and the advertising exposure; which includes adverts for "800% fatter broadband" in this weeks national press. Bulldogs advertising though is not without its problems, the Advertising Standards Authority has issued judgments on two adverts this week. The full adjudication can be found as a PDF document here. In the first instance Bulldog were found to have not made it clear enough that its old 4Mbps services were up to 4Mbps, in short not all lines will run at 4Mbps due to the technical limits of ADSL. The second advert was on the radio too and promised "four megabytes of unlimited access". The tech savvy would realise that this mean 4 mega bits per second, and the ASA has accepted that a corrected version had been produced. Bulldog was also told to ensure that the requirement for a Bulldog telephone line was made clear in its advertising.

We wish Bulldog the best of luck in fixing its customer support issues as quickly as possible. With LLU services becoming more prevalent it is important that ALL LLU providers ensure they have enough well trained staff ready to deal with consumers questions and the faults that will appear. Where a provider is also providing telephony services, then the challenge is greater, and we would like to think Ofcom are monitoring these emerging LLU providers and the quality of service they are providing.


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