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Eclipse flexes its muscles to boost customers speeds

The procession of service providers with product revamps continues. Eclipse Internet are the latest to announce speed upgrades and price reductions. Existing customers on the FLEX Home Broadband packages are to see their speed doubled at no extra cost. Of course it will not be possible to get the current maximum of 2Mbps on every line, due to the inherent characteristics of ADSL, which mean the longer or lower quality the line the lower speed it will support.

The FLEX product range pricing is shown below:

Old Product

New Product

New Speed

New Price

FLEX Home 250 FLEX Home 500 0.5Mbps £17.99
FLEX Home 500 FLEX Home 1000 1Mbps £23.95
FLEX Home 1000 FLEX Home 2000 2Mbps £29.99
All prices include VAT

Customers who are currently on Flex Home 2000, will see a price reduction to £29.99, saving them £10 per month. Customers who will after the regrades be on Home 500 and Home 1000 can of course still opt to flex their connections up to 2Mbps. There is a fee to pay depending on how long you want to FLEX your connection up to 2Mbps, but new customers to Eclipse are given one month of this for free.

For new customers joining Eclipse and its FLEX services during July 2005, there is a free modem and activation offer, normally this would cost £84.74.

With the talk of 8Mbps connections, from both the BT Wholesale trials, and LLU providers; Eclipse is emphasing that it will be putting in place the technical infrastructure to support 8Mbps speeds. With customers having access to these speeds, as soon as it is available across the industry.

Update 5th July 2005: We asked Eclipse to clarify the position for those users whose line will not be able to run at double its current speed. The answer is that if your line proves unable to take a free speed upgrade, your monthly fee will be reduced to the price point that corresponds to your actual line speed. For example, someone with Home 1000, should be regraded to Home 2000, but if your telephone line is unable to cope with this speed, your monthly fee will be reduced to £23.95 rather than its current £29.99.


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