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Ofcom reviews service obligations for BT and Kingston

Ofcom has issued a slew of documents in the last few days, one of these covers the Universal Service Obligations (USO) of telecoms providers in the UK. Some of the document is pertinent to all UK telecoms providers, some other parts are specific to British Telecom and Kingston Communications. The full Ofcom review of the USO is located here.

There is a requirement on BT and Kingston to provide a 'functional internet access' FIA, and currently this is defined as a speed of 28.8 kbit per second. Ofcom has reviewed this and decided that no significant changes are required at this time. Whether this slow speed should be considered a functional speed is open to debate, many would have liked it raised to a level that meant that line sharing devices would have to be removed, giving more dialup users access to speeds of around 50 kilo bits per second.


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