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ASA upholds complaint against BT

The Advertising Standards Authority seems to be getting more complaints about service providers advertising. One of the latest adjustications is against British Telecommunications plc and relates to a direct mailing to its broadband customers promoting the BT Communicator service. A complaint was made stating the free calls eat into the usage allowance, particularly of BT Broadband Basic that only has a 1GB allowance.

The ASA deemed the phrase "FREE UK Calls for a year" misleading, particularly as the 1GB allowance equated to around 194 minutes of calls per month. Once the 1GB allowance was used up, people would have to buy more allowance.

This shows perhaps the false economy of the broadband packages with low usage allowances, particularly where purchasing extra allowance can be costly, and no price cap exists. With the recent news of TV programmes appearing online, packages with small allowances e.g. under 10GB will look somewhat limited.


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