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ADSLguide celebrates its 1st birthday!

We just noticed that the domain was registered exactly a year ago, and considering we built the first site in less than a week and the first news item was posted on May 4th, today could be considered our birthday.

So what have we achieved in our first year?
We haven't become filthy rich; We haven't even received any bribes or offers thereof. We have however thoroughly enjoyed running the site, meeting new people and recruiting new staff. It's been great fun watching the site get more popular month by month, and we're excited at receiving over 10,000 new visitors each month coming to our site to find out more about this exciting new* technology.

So what's forthcoming in the next year?
More regular chats with ISPs, telcos and some other guests; Upgrades to our ISP database to cope with different combinations of services (e.g. RADSL, etc.); Independent statistics on throughput and availability of different ADSL providers; We also plan to re-launch the CounterStike server for the duration of the summer.

* Some may debate whether 'new' is an appropriate term for ADSL. [seb]


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