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Demon Home 2000 for only £19.99 per month

Demon has given its residential and home worker broadband packages a significant makeover. Existing Demon customers on these packages will be getting a free speed regrade to the fastest connection speed their line will support, for many people this will mean an upgrade to 2Mbps, for some it will be just 1Mbps, and an unlucky few will remain at 0.5Mbps.

As well as upgrading existing customers, Demon has launched its Home 2000 and HomeOffice 2000 products, priced at £19.99 and £24.99 per month. The service remains without any form of usage limits or metering, making the price very attractive. For more details on the complete Demon range visit

"Our Broadband customers are increasingly looking for faster download times and increased bandwidth for different applications with the added benefits that a Demon Broadband service provides. With the launch of our 2Mbps products we are providing users with the bandwidth capability to fully support a host of applications including streaming music, movies, and TV through a PC, using video conferencing and even enabling Voice over IP calls."

Nigel Stevens, Product Director, THUS plc


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