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Freedom2Surf launches its 8Mbps ADSL service

Freedom2Surf is showing the fruits of LLU, with the announcement of an up to 8Mbps package today, and the prospect of 24Mbps once ADSL2+ comes online. The service is only initially available on 14 exchanges in major metropolitan areas, but this will increase to over 200 exchanges from the end of July 2005, and further expansion as the year progresses.

The 8Mbit Connect package is priced starting at £14.99 per month, with the price varying according to what usage allowance you decide on, which can vary from 2GB to 100GB per month. Freedom2Surf do not meter traffic in the 1am to 6am period. The package has the option of a 1 month contract where you pay the £49.99 installation fee, or free install if you opt for an annual contract. Existing Freedom2Surf customers can upgrade to the 8Mbps service for a one-off fee of £15, of course this is only possible if the LLU service is available on your exchange. The full press release is on the Freedom2Surf website here.

Freedom2Surf announced a LLU partnership with EasyNet back in April 2005, so this announcement seems to be the fruit of that deal. One can only guess that other providers will not be far behind, since a number have announced deals with EasyNet.

Update 3:20pm: Freedom2Surf has a FAQ for its 8Mbps service, which lists the exchanges where the service will initially be available, click here to view the list.

One aspect that we missed earlier when compiling the news item, was that the upstream speed will be rate adaptive up to a maximum of 768kbps. This is higher than the other service providers selling ADSL to retail customers at this time. The upgrade to ADSL2+ should be relatively smooth, since Freedom2Surf have confirmed in our forums, that users on the LLU service will be connected to kit at the exchange capable of ADSL2+ now, it just requires amongst other things the final approval of ADSL2+ for deployment in the UK.


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