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TV coming soon to your broadband connection

Telewest has started a beta trial for its blueyonder tv service. This will allow people with a sufficiently fast broadband connection to watch TV online. The trial currently offers four channels which you can view, and pause at will. The channels are:

  • blueyonder01: An entertainment channel including highlights from the LIVINGTV, Bravo, Challenge and Trouble channels.
  • broadsports: sports including snowboarding, motor racing and sailing
  • broadwise: video guides to what is happening in the online world
  • broadway: a range of entertainment, including films.

The trial appears to be available to anyone with a broadband connection, and offers a choice of speeds, with the quality of image improving as you reach their top speed of 1.8Mbps. The service is using the NarrowStep Inc platform to deliver the service.

More details can be found over on, with the Telewest trial website located at

One cautionary note, if you do play the video at the highest bit rate of 1.8Mbps and are on a metered connection, be aware that just 30 minutes of video at that speed equates to around 400MB of downloading.

The Register has some details on the forthcoming Sky service. The Sky service looks set to compete with Telewest in what would appear to be the start of a new content war. A key point is that the video will not be broadcast via the satellite, but via the Internet and your existing broadband connection.


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