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Is France Telecom about to tame the Bulldog?

The Sunday newspapers always provide a flurry of financial news, and this week is no change. The Sunday Telegraph has said that France Telecom is planning a £4bn takeover bid for the telecommunications company Cable & Wireless. It would appear the purpose of this would be to consolidate the companies varies interests into one, which currently comprise of mobile operator Orange and the ISP Wanadoo, and then add the Cable & Wireless ISP Bulldog with its LLU experience in the UK.

At this stage it is not clear whether this is simply idle speculation or something that may actually happen. The BBC News Online article here does have more information. Though we are skeptical of the following claim "C&W's internet unit Bulldog has achieved its target of taking a 30% share of the UK market". As far as we know Bulldog only has a 30% share of the UK LLU market, which in total is just 60,000 lines at present. This gives Bulldog around 20,000 lines, which is a pretty small number to date.

The Bulldog section on our forums is pretty lively, with a fair number of users posting their experience of getting connected to the embryonic LLU services that the UK has. The stories are a mixture of good and bad, a common theme that appears to run through a lot of posts is the poor levels of customer support over the telephone.


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