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BT fuses together mobile and fixed line telephony

BT has got itself a world first by launching its BT Fusion service, which is a combined fixed and mobile phone service. The difference over existing mobile phones is that it brings the low cost of telephone calls a fixed line provides and combines them with all the features of a modern mobile phone. The full BT press release is available here.

To switch to a landline, the phone uses a Bluetooth wireless signal to link to a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth router that is connected to the BT Broadband line in the home. The switching between the Bluetooth and mobiles networks is even possible in the middle of a call. The router required is called the BT hub and works as a standard wireless router as well as supporting the Fusion service. Unfortunately it seems from the material published on the service, that you are tied to using the BT Retail ADSL services for the BT Hub to work and support the Fusion service.

Cost wise the service seems attractive, calls to landlines come in at 5.5p for up to an hour off-peak, and 3p per minute during peak times. The BT Hub is free, as is the BT branded Motorola v560 handset, a second handset can be requested for free. The monthly charges for the service are £9.99 for BT Fusion 100 which includes 100 minutes of service, or Fusion 200 at £14.99 per month for 200 inclusive minutes.


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