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Is the race on for the first all IP UK telecoms infrastructure network?

The BT vision for the 21st Century of a totally IP based telecommunications network once again hits the news, this time over on ZDNet UK. There is some suggestion that BT may not win the race to be the first to carry out a total transformation of its existing network. It seems that Marconi think a rival teleco may beat BT to this crown. This seems reasonably likely, which other telecommunications provider has a network with as many telephone lines covering the UK, and must ensure it continues to meets the service obligations laid out by Ofcom.

The main plan by BT is to replace a spiders web of existing legacy networks by a single IP based network, that can be designed to cope with how the telecommunications is expected to grow, as well as offering cost savings. Trials moving customers off the existing telephone network have already started, with live customers moving onto the IP network around 2006. The aim being to turn off the existing analogue networks by 2010.


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