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OTA releases May 2005 LLU progress update

The The Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator has just published the latest update, which gives details of key performance indicators in relation to local loop unbundling (LLU) in the UK. The report can be found here.

The report confirms the figures we published on 26th May, with regards the number of LLU lines in the UK. Namely that there are 59,001 LLU lines, and this number is increasing by 3000 a week. As the demand is increasing, it also seems BT is improving its processes that handle the unbundling of lines, around 92% of lines are delivered right first time, and 98% of the exchanges are delivered to the LLU operators by the date the customer expected it to be. There is still some way to go before LLU becomes plain sailing, but as experience builds on all sides things will improve.

The services provided by LLU providers can now be seen in TV advertising, which does seem to be increasing demand. Unfortunately we also appear to be seeing an increase in the number of people posting on our forums with problems. These can range from long delays for providers to answer support/sales telephone calls, through to intermittent telephone and ADSL services. We hope that most of this is just teething problems, and will improve, as more staff are employed and trained, and kinks in the systems ironed out. For all the finger pointing that is made to BT, it must be said that for the vast majority of people the basic telephone services are very reliable. LLU providers need to keep this in mind since with LLU it is likely people will not suffer a service that is noticeably less reliable, even if it is a pound or two cheaper every month.


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