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BT Wholesale Max DSL trials to expand

The BT IPStream Home Max, Office Max and DataStream Max trials have quietly been going on in the London and Strathclyde areas of the UK. BT Wholesale is now set to increase the number of exchanges involved, we do not have a list of the exchanges involved at this time. The technical trial has been extended to 31st August 2005.

The Max DSL services are BT Wholesale fully utilising the rate adaptive capabilities of ADSL to provide up to 8Mbps downstream speeds to consumers, and up to 832kbps upstream speed on business products, or 448kbps on the consumer targeted products.

Service Providers with customers suitable for the trial on the involved exchanges will be contacted with a list of new potential trialists. Back in March 2005, we listed the providers taking part in Phase One of the trial. The number of providers involved now is going to increase, if your service provider has customers on the trial, let us know and we will update our list of participants.

All new people connected on the trial will have a rate adaptive speed of up to 832kbps for the upstream side, to help in gathering data on the performance of the upstream on the proposed business products.

With the extension of the technical component of the trial to 31st August, we would guess that a 2 to 3 month product trial will follow this. Suggesting that the live products may not appear until December 2005.


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