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VDSL2 standard set by ITU-T

This last week in Geneva saw the ITU-T complete the specifications for VDSL2. The UK is only just talking of trials for services of 8Mbps to 18Mbps using ADSL and ADSL2+, but the rest of the world is pushing copper further and further. VDSL2 offers the potential of 100Mbps symmetrical speeds on copper loops of about 350m. At ranges of up to about 2km, VDSL2 should out perform ADSL2+ by around 2 to 6Mbps. As the lines get longer though the speed of service levels off to standard ADSL2 and ADSL type speeds. Some more details are available here.

VDSL2 is being touted as the ideal solution for triple play networks offering High Definition TV, Internet access and telephony. The high speeds on shorter loop lengths mean it is only ever likely to be used on fibre to the kerb type projects. The ideal application would be a fibre connection running a very high speed service to the basement of a tower block and VDSL2 over the copper phone lines running the service to the apartments.

The highest speed VDSL2 services look set to use a signal up to 30MHz in frequency, with the medium speeds running at up to 8MHz. Standard ADSL runs at a maximum of 1.1MHz, and ADSL2+ at up to 2.2MHz.


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