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Tiscali to unbundle 200 exchanges by end of 2005

The Guardian has details on a new entrant to the LLU arena, Tiscali. Tiscali have around half a million broadband users in the UK, who are mainly connected via the BT Datastream Wholesale product spread over around 5000 exchanges.

It seems Tiscali are to install their own ADSL hardware in 27 exchanges and move existing customers onto this service, with new customers getting connected from July 2005 onwards. The current plan is to have the kit installed in around 200 exchanges by the end of the year, and 600 exchanges by the end of 2007. This reflects an investment of around £62 million, and would cover around 40% of UK households.

Tiscali are planning to use hardware supplied by Huawei. The kit is capable of that Holy Grail of triple-play which means support for DSL services, telephony and TV. It appears that initially Tiscali are going to provide just DSL services and telephony, with TV services coming at a later date.

We suspect that the timing of this roll-out is also partly influenced by the improved migration options that are due to appear in June 2005. Which should make moving customers easier between the various broadband products in the UK, i.e. IPStream, DataStream and LLU services.


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