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Telewest upgrades service to 36,000 households in the South East

Households in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Edenbridge areas serviced by Telewest have had their network upgraded to support digital TV and broadband Internet services. These 36,000 households were the last remaining Telewest analogue network in the South East.

With the forthcoming launch of TV-on-demand and the personal video recorder (PVR) it is in Telewests interest to get as many of its customers over onto its digital networks. No pricing has been announced for the PVR, but one would expect it to be around the same cost as its competitor Sky Plus. Technically the Telewest device does seem to win since it has three tuners and a 160GB hard disk drive as standard.

Update 26th May 2005: After receiving a number of emails from readers, concerned that Telewest had ignored the Slough area, we asked Telewest which region Slough is in. Slough and Maidenhead are in the Telewest West London region and as yet there are no confirmed plans to upgrade this area. The upgrades in the North West (Preston/Liverpool) are ongoing.


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