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Pre-WiMAX broadband service launches in Devon

Woodbury near Exeter has today seen the launch of a live pre-WiMAX wireless broadband service courtesy of Internet AIRworks. The service has 25 small businesses and residents already making use of the service.

The service is using the 5.8GHz frequency band, and are seeing speeds of up to 4Mbps in both directions over distances of 7km. Which is where WiMAX may well win over ADSL and SDSL in rural locations, since line lengths can often mean home and business users are restricted to a 0.5Mbps ADSL service. The symmetric nature of the link also lends itself to exploitation of VoIP services and home workers making use of a VPN to connect to an office network.

The residential packages start at £22.95 for 0.25Mbps, rising to £69.95 for a 4Mbps service. The radio device to receive the service costs £195, with external mounting for an additional £55. Business services start at £53.99 for 0.5Mbps, rising to £359.49 for 4Mbps, with the radio device costing £351.33.


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