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Fast24 buys the ADSL part of Central Point

Fast24 has issued a press release announcing the purchase of Central Points ADSL business. This means that Central Point ADSL customers will now join the existing ADSL users at Fast24. Central Point are citing market pressures as the reason behind this sale.

"I’m proud of the service that we have provided our customers,” he said. “However market pressures, particularly those from BT mean that smaller ISPs are likely to be in for a rough ride in the coming years. The time is right for our customers to join a larger ISP who shares our high standards of customer service and good value."

Darren Ilston of Central Point

Precisely what changes Central Point ADSL customers will see is unclear, but from comments by Jason Elsom of Fast24, it would appear that a product review is underway.

"With an increasingly competitive market we have decided to look at a number of similar acquisitions to help us keep apace. We have almost completed a product review, which should show an overall reduction in our current pricing levels, and introduction of additional services."

Jason Elsom of Fast24


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