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MetroNet lowers price of its Pay Go S range

MetroNet has lowered the price the up to 20:1 contention ADSL services it offers. Previously the 2Mbps PAYGoS2000 service cost £47 (inc VAT) per month, and had a bundled usage allowance of 20GB (20,000MB), now the price has reduced to £27.99 (inc VAT) and an increased allowance of 150GB (150,000MB). Full details of the revised pricing can be found on the MetroNet website here.

The other S products are PayGoS500 which is a 0.5Mbps service priced at £23.99 per month, with 100GB of usage. The PayGoS1000 is a 1Mbps service with 125GB of allowance.

The inclusion of what for the vast majority of people will be a massive usage allowance on the 20:1 products, means that most users will not end up paying any extra each month. For those who go over the usage allowance, you are simply billed at 0.235 pence per MB, until you reach the cost cap for your particular product. On the PAYGoS2000 this is £99.99 in a single month, which would represent a usage level of 180GB, usage above this level is still possible but the cost meter is simply turned off.


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