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IC24 announce a 2Mbps service starting at £9.99 per month

IC24 has announced an offer on its 2Mbps ADSL service. The first three months of service will be billed at £9.99, and thereafter it will be £16.99 per month. There is no activation fee and a free ADSL modem is supplied, saving around £80 of start-up costs. It is also possible to migrate to IC24 for free.

The 2Mbps service comes with a 2GB monthly usage allowance, with data transfer above this level costing 20p per 100 MegaByte (MB), which works out at £2 per GigaByte (GB). Their website gives a useful summary of the amount of use the 2GB allowance gives, which is summarised below:


Example usage

General web browsing 50 hours per week
Sending/receiving photos (by e-mail) 50 per week
Downloading MP3s 30 per week
Sending/receiving e-mails (no attachments) 400 per week
Watching videos 30 minutes per week
Online gaming 2 hours per week


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