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Freedom2Surf announce partnership with Easynet

Freedom2Surf is the second customer to be announced on the Easynet LLUStream service, the first was Onyx. LLUStream is the wholesale product offered by Easynet which is available in major metropolitan areas of the UK. The footprint means that 4.4 million home and over 750,000 businesses could be served by the service.

For Freedom2Surf their intention is to use LLUStream to develop a new range of products and services, one of which will include the development of 8Mbps ADSL services in the summer of 2005. We can expect to see competitive pricing, and a product aimed at consumers looking to take advantage of video-on-demand services.

LLUStream is claimed to be around 30% cheaper than BT services, which is some of the appeal to providers. It is likely though that news that 24Mbps access is under trial by Easynet will sway some providers who are looking to offer much higher speeds. For those who want to read the full press release it is available here. The Register has some additional information here.

It looks likely that we will now see a gaggle of providers announcing partnerships with Easynet, in the coming weeks and months. These partnerships may well be the boost that LLU in the UK needs, and provide a fast route to services that will match those offered in France for example.


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