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BT Retail running special offer until June 2005

For new sign-ups to the BT Retail ADSL products who sign up before 2nd June 2005, and get activated by 16th June 2005, BT are offering an incentive. The first three months of service will see the monthly fees reduced by £2 a month.


Std Price

Offer Price

BT Broadband Basic (up to 1Mb) £17.99 £15.99
BT Broadband (up to 2Mb) £24.99 £22.99
BT Yahoo! Broadband (up to 2Mb) £26.99 £24.99
BT Yahoo! Broadband (up to 2Mb) £29.99 £27.99

Pricing shown is for those using Direct Debit to pay the bill, otherwise it is £1 more for other billing methods. The free modem for people who order online is a BT Voyager 105 USB modem with BT Broadband Basic, the other services include the BT Voyager 205 router (with built in modem). If ordering over the telephone, the modem will cost £25.

BT Retail also recently announced it was delaying the introduction of its metering/usage allowances until September 2005.


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