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THUS in 8Mbps ADSL trials with BT

THUS plc has announced that it will be taking part in the rate adaptive ADSL service trials that will offer download speeds between 2Mbps and 8Mbps. A limited number of places on just 21 exchanges were announced some weeks ago, but this is expected to expand in the coming months. If the trials go well a full product launch is expected in late 2005.

Last week saw Zen Internet announce their participation in the trials also. Seriously Internet has even gone so far as to promise its 2Mbps customers a free upgrade onto the Home/Office/Datastream Max products when they are launched.

We would like to voice a slight cautionary note, and that is while many press releases are emphasizing the 8Mbps maximum line speed, people should be aware that the speed will be very dependent on the length of the telephone line, or more technically the amount of attenuation of the ADSL signal in conjunction with the signal to noise ratio (SNR).

A common question is how much is the up to 8Mbps service going to cost? Since the product is based on the Capacity Based Pricing (CBC) system BT Wholesale use, the basic connection to the ISP will be £8.40+VAT per month, with the ISP needing to add its other costs on top, one of which will be price of the BT Central connection. Therefore it is entirely possible we will see an 8Mbps connection with 1 or 2GB usage allowances for £15 per month.


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