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Wireless broadband coming to Lincolnshire businesses

The Lincolnshire Broadband Initiative announced today they are to provide symmetric broadband services to businesses in rural areas, using wireless in conjunction with BT. It's estimated that 70% of small to medium sized businesses will be covered by the wireless service by March 2006.

The aim is to enable large employment sites such as industrial or business parks that are over 5-acres in size, with 32 sites planned for service by the March 2006 date. Subisidised pricing from the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund is expected to bring a monthly fee of £99 (ex-VAT) with no setup charge. To register further interest please see the onlincolnshire website.

Update - 16/04/2005 02:05
Some further information about the service indicates that businesses will be connected with a 2Mbit/s symmetrical wireless link at a 10:1 contention ratio. The subsidised pricing is only available to those within the Objective 2 area, however the service may also be available to areas outside this under BT's standard commercial terms.


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