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Bulldog users seek information on service problems

The Register has managed to get a statement out of Bulldog concerning the current network issues which appear to be affecting both LLU (@ctive) and users on the standard services. The problem has affected people in different ways, some are finding various degrees of packet loss that make online gaming impossible through to unpleasant, and others have lost access to the web.

"There has been a performance issue identified on one of our LLU metro nodes in London, which has affected the speeds received by a small proportion of our customers.

Currently we have 16 customer tickets open with speed-related issues.

We have identified the cause of the performance issue on the metro node, and it will have been resolved by the end of today,"

Bulldog statement on service issues

Bulldog is no stranger to problems, and back in 2004, went through a spell of prolonged issues. Hopefully for both the users and the future of LLU services in the UK, this is just a glitch that it will be resolved by the end of today.

It seems odd that Bulldog are saying they only have 16 customer tickets open, but there can be any number of reasons for this. Though it does cross ones mind, that when Bulldog say 16 tickets open for speed issues, this may be ignoring those with packet loss issues. We would suggest Bulldog users do persist in logging a fault with the ISP, and if this is proving difficult then please do use our forums located here, as a way of comparing notes with other users.

Update 18:20 We are starting to see people reporting that the packet loss is clearing up. Possibly as people get home and test their connections we will see if the issue is now fully resolved.


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