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PlusNet completes its trident of residential products

The broadband market is very much a case of one size not fitting all, and PlusNet are trying to offer users a wide variety of packages so that people can choose the one that suits them. With the official release of Broadband Plus today, PlusNet have three residential product ranges:

  • Pay As You Go, low monthly fee, metered product at £1 per GB
  • Broadband Plus, fixed monthly fee, at peak times priority is given to core activities like web browsing and email
  • Premier, runs with a fair usage system that only kicks in on the 3rd month of exceeding quota.

The new product Broadband Plus is aimed at people who mainly web browse, but want a fixed monthly bill, and if they do download data at peak times are happy for it to to slow down perhaps more than normal. As such there is no defined traffic limit on the Plus product, PlusNet will be using the traffic shaping to ensure that the speeds of service for things like web browsing are not unduly affected by other forms of traffic. It is not totally clear if the service will be ideal for gamers, as at peak times there may be a rise in latency that makes gaming somewhat laggy. The pricing of Plus is also linked to the speed of your ADSL line, like the more traditional services.

Maximum download speed

Monthly fee

0.5Mbps £14.99
1Mbps £19.99
2Mbps £24.99

For more details on this new product, and information on migrating onto the service, or switching between the various PlusNet products visit


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