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Fluidata offers OfficeStream service with 1:1 contention

Fluidata has another new product on its range that is available across roughly 400 exchanges in the UK. The new product is OfficeStream which will be an uncontended service, designed to fit in between the price points of ADSL and SDSL services. The pricing while expensive for residential use, is a lot cheaper than a traditional leased line, for example the 0.5Mbps down, 0.4Mbps up service is £132 a month, rising to £418 per month for a 4Mbps/0.4Mbps service.

This pricing is based around paying annually, and includes BT TotalCare and 24/7 support. For more details on availability and to obtain a quote if interested in the service see the Fluidata site here for more information.


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