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Ofcom publishes details of responses to Strategic Telecoms Review

The Strategic Telecommunications Review that is being undertaken by Ofcom is marching on, and Ofcom has just published a summary of the responses received during its consultation phase. The various documents are available for viewing from the Ofcom website here.

The documents make for a fairly long read, and are not what one would call consumer friendly with a fair amount of industry and legal terminology used throughout. The review is looking at the whole telecommunications industry, which explains much of the complicated nature, particularly as various services converge, and companies like BT move towards deploying next generation networks.

One point made early on in the summary, is that many consumer groups feel the review is too industry-focused, with too little focus on what impact regulatory decisions may have for consumers. The submissions show many different views on how the telecoms market should be regulated, and its clear that whatever Ofcom do it will not please all parties.


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