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Small update on BT Wholesale Max DSL trials

The year is marching on, and the BT Wholesale trial for Max DSL is about to start. The Max DSL trial is to look at using rate adaption for both the downstream and upstream connection, with connections connecting between 2Mbps and 8Mbps in steps of 0.5Mbps.

The trial is only initially on 2000 lines spread across 21 exchanges (announced 3rd March 2005). PlusNet has announced that they are sending out the emails to their customers who are taking part in the trial. It is believed around thirty ISPs will be taking part in the initial stage, the ones we know about are listed here.

If you are on one of the listed exchanges, do not chase your ISP at all. The ISP will be handed a list of lines for the trial by BT Wholesale, at which point your ISP will get in touch. This initial stage of the trial is expected to last eight to twelve weeks, with the trial expanding during the summer and if all goes well a possible product launch in the Autumn of 2005.

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