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EFHBroadband £9.99 offer coming to an end

In what has been one of the cheaper deals for ADSL in the UK for a while, has announced that its £9.99 monthly price for a 0.5Mbps ADSL service is set to end on 16th April 2005. Customers who have already signed up, or who do so before the offer ends will have the £9.99 a month guaranteed for 12 months.

The offer was only ever open to the first 1000 new sign-ups each month, which is a clever way of ensuring the ISP does not get swamped with customers it cannot handle, while generating publicity. Interestingly the ISP has avoided the normal free USB ADSL modem gotcha, and instead is offering various router based units at reasonable prices. A one port router heads up the range at £35.24 including VAT. The advantage of a router that connects via Ethernet, is that most modern computers now come with a built in Ethernet port (sometimes called NIC - Network Interface Card), and the router also provides a reasonable level of security by blocking unsolicited incoming traffic.


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