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The demise of dial-up in the UK

The governments National Statistics office has published its latest summary of the levels of Internet access in the UK, covering January 2004 until January 2005. These show that in those 12 months the level of dial-up use decreased by 22.4%. The split for UK Internet connections is shown below:

  • 41% use an always on connection, e.g. broadband, leased line etc
  • 32% have free access or a pay per minute dial-up style connection
  • 23% have an unmetered dial-up connection
  • 4% are using some form of mixed access

To see the full document download the PDF document available here. In January 2004, the percentage of permanent connections was just 22%, so the rise to 41% reflects the surge in interest for all things broadband in the UK.

So far in 2005, broadband demand has shown no signs of slowing down. The monthly fees are creeping lower each month, with a number of options available in the £10 to £15 area. In terms of comparisons with other European countries, cheaper deals are available, but compared to 12 months ago it seems the gap has narrowed. Additionally the UK at last is starting to see speeds in excess of 2Mbps become available at a reasonable cost.


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