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Bulldog offering 4Mbps broadband for under £20 a month

Prices keep falling and speeds of service keep getting faster, but the number of product options seems to increase also. Bulldog is running a series of promotions currently that will run out on 31st March 2005. These promotions are based around Bulldogs local loop unbundled service which is currently available in parts of London, Milton Keynes, Derby, Coventry, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Manchester, Bolton and Wigan. Their aim is to expand coverage to cover around 30% of homes and businesses in the UK for the second half of 2005.

The Bulldog LLU service, is a fully unbundled service, which means you no longer pay BT any money, i.e. even the voice part of your telephone line is handled by Bulldog. Bulldog charge a fee of £10.50 per month for the rental of the line, with the price of the broadband and calls package going on top of this. Currently consumers can have their line transferred for just £1 rather than the usual £60, plus the monthly fees shown below will apply for the first twelve months of service.


Monthly fee

Call plan

Broadband plan

[email protected] £10.75 - 4Mbps with 400 minutes, then pay per minute
[email protected] £19.50 - 4Mbps, unlimited
[email protected] £14.75 free local/national calls 4Mbps, Pay per minute
[email protected] £28.50 free local/national calls 4Mbps, unlimited

Bulldog is unusual in that rather than pay for data transfer on its metered options you pay for time, which at 2.5p per minute (£1.50 per hour) can work out expensive if you leave a computer connected by mistake.


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