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DSL breaks 100,000,000 users worldwide barrier

DSL in its many form, has now sailed past the 100 million connection mark, in fact 2004 saw a 60% growth in the number of DSL lines worldwide. The number of lines in the UK during 2004, grew 125% from 2,280,770 to 4,100,000 and is continuing to increase at something like a new connection every 10 seconds. Worldwide demand is such that a new DSL line is getting connected at the rate of one a second.

These figures were announced at CeBIT 2005, by DSL Forum, with the data coming from Point Topic. The DSL Forum exists to promote DSL worldwide, and act as a platform for ensuring interoperability based around the various DSL standards. Point Topic has published an extra of its report that can be read here.

"While ADSL continues to dominate current DSL connectivity, deployment increasingly includes newer DSL options. ADSL2plus is rapidly growing in Sweden, Norway and France, with trials beginning in the USA and services coming on-stream in the Netherlands in 2005. This is increasingly the basis for triple play services. VDSL had at least five million connections by the end of 2004 - mostly in South Korea, Japan and China. VDSL2, delivering 100 Mbps over a single phone line, may provide new impetus when that is standardised in May 2005. We are also starting to see increased roll out of symmetric DSL services, with 1.2 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2004."

Tim Johnson of Point Topic


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