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Wanadoo livens up its Livebox

The Wanadoo Livebox which is the ADSL gateway that Wanadoo sell for use on their ADSL services has received the first of several boosts. For an extra £4 per month Wanadoo ADSL customers with a Livebox unit can have free evening and weekend telephone calls to any UK landline, and at anytime of the day or night calls to other Wanadoo Wireless & Talk customers will be free. The full Wanadoo press release is here.

The Wanadoo Livebox is an ADSL modem with built in router supporting wireless connections. The unit with the new Wanadoo Wireless & Talk service allows people to plug in a telephone handset make Voice over IP telephone calls. The beauty of a simple all-in-one solution like this is the lack of configuration by the customer, plus so long as the Livebox is connected you can make calls, no need for a computer to be turned on.

Integrated ADSL hardware and VoIP services are not new, the Zoom x5v has offered this for a while. The Livebox though is intended to be something much bigger, expanding to offer mobile calls, video telephony and video on demand in the future.


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