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Providers possibly taking part in BT Wholesale Max ADSL trials

As we have done in the past with trials, we are aiming to keep a list of which service providers are taking part in the trials. There is some difficulty at present, as a number of press releases have been made by service providers saying they are on the trial but we are lead to believe that no service providers participation will be confirmed fully until 14th March 2005. Therefore this list should be considered a provision list for service providers who have signed up to and are awaiting final word on the BT Wholesale trial for BT IPStream Home Max, IPStream Office Max and Datastream Max products. The trial will start in early April 2005, and provide rate adaptive ADSL running between 2Mbps and 8Mbps on around 2000 lines. More details are in earlier news items here and here.

NOTE: This list is for information purposes only, do not contact the providers listed to get onto the trial. BT Wholesale will provide lists of lines to take part in the trial to those providers that have signed up, and at this point customers will be contacted. Also note at this point that BT Retail is only going to use BT staff for its part of the trial.

Service Providers

BT Retail
Eclipse Internet
UK Online

If you work for an ISP and your participation in the trial has been accepted by BT Wholesale, and you wish this to be listed, email us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to add you.

It has been confirmed that MetroNet will not be part of the trial, since they did not have enough participating customers on the exchanges involved. We would expect others to see similar fates, this is no slight on the ISP, simply that BT Wholesale is looking for a limited number of lines on a limited number of exchanges, and that these are running a 2Mbps service now. Freedom2Surf was on the list, but have now confirmed they are not part of the initial trial.


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