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BT 21st Century Network - the dark side of telecoms

ZDNet has a a news item on concerns from Tiscali that the BT Group is being too secretive, and not offering clarity on what the results of its 21st Century Network vision will bring. Full item is here.

Apparently Tiscali is considering LLU (but then what service provider is not considering it), and is worried that the 21CN may pull the rug out from under its feet. It seems a lot of this stems from the lack of clarity and information both public or internal to the industry on the new network. Though since Tiscali is a pan-European operation it should have lots of experience with the sort of things the 21CN will bring to the UK.

In terms of what the consumer will see, very little is available at present, in fact much of the new BT 21st Century Network should be transparent to the everyday householder, since much of the work is in building a new back haul network to cope with the current line of thinking in this area, i.e. IP based networks are better and cheaper to run.


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