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Updata gets on with LLU in Dorset

Updata has won a public service contract to supply DSL services on 29 exchanges in Dorset. This is a five year contract to provide SDSL services to council buildings, schools and libraries with speeds of service between 2 and 10Mbps. The contract is worth £4.7 million. More detail is available on The Register.

It seems Updata has overcome a lot of the red tape and difficulties that revolve around LLU by creating a good working relationship with BT. Possibly a radical new approach to unbundling, i.e. getting on and resolving problems, rather than relying on complaints and regulatory investigations, which seem to common place at present. They do admit that LLU is not perfect, but as the telecoms adjudicator (OTA) mentioned the other day, things are rapidly improving.


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