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New drivers (1.3.3) for Alcatel Speedtouch USB

BT(ignite) have made available a new version of the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB drivers for Windows. So far, to get the latest version, people have had to install from the provided cd version 1.2.3 (or v1.2.2 available here), and then upgrade to version 1.3 from the upgrader available from Alcatel here.

The new version, 1.3.3 drivers (3.8MB) can be downloaded from BT(ignite) here. The Mac drivers are also at version 1.3.3 (5.38MB) and are available again from BT(ignite) here.

Reports indicate that these drivers are the same as the version 1.3.1, just repackaged to work without having to upgrade.

If you have any problems with these drivers, please visit our message boards for advice.


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