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ntl to start cable service upgrades shortly

The long awaited and much leaked ntl cable broadband service upgrades appear to be on the way at last. These upgrades have featured in the news several times previously, though often with one or two little bits changing, they last featured in our news three weeks ago.

The upgrades are due to start on 8th March 2005 according to Though they are listing the usage allowance as only 1GB per day on the 3Mbps product. A daily 1GB allowance for £37.99 a month is hardly competitive to the ADSL products, it may be faster than the BT Retail products, but even that difference is soon to be eroded.

Our forums have being packed with people discussing the finer points of various service providers fair usage policies, so far though the NTL system appears to be very woolly. This could mean one of two things, NTL will police the system randomly, or they are just setting the guidelines to try and make the heavy users think twice of joining their service.


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