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BT Retail on the Home/Office Max ADSL products

BT Retail has issued a press release that announces the Retail arm of BT is to also take part in the trials for ADSL speeds between 2Mbps and 8Mbps.

The release gives very little information other than to inform people that if you are using a BT Yahoo! or BT Broadband retail service that they will initially only be using staff for the trial. Last week we provided details on how BT Wholesale will be approaching the selection of lines for the BT IPStream Office/Home Max trials.

NOTE: This does not mean the trial is closed to all ISP users, simply that BT Retail are keeping the trial internal for 10-12 weeks. Other ISPs will have the choice of who to connect once BT Wholesale has passed the ISP a list of eligible customers. The 10-12 week period may also not apply to BT Wholesale. In the past BT Retail has trialled products for longer than BT Wholesale.


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