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Nildram releases details of product changes

Nildram has issued two press releases, that detail a wide range of price reductions on their products, and have issued guidelines for its fair usage policy. The full press releases can be found on the Nildram website here and here.

As of 3rd March 2005, Nildram will be cutting the price of many of its consumer and business broadband services. Additionally in July 2005, it will be rolling out a 2Mbps service to all customers who are able to receive that speed, others will get the fastest speed service possible on their line. This new 2Mbps will be known as Broadband2, and cost £25.99 (inc VAT) a month, the existing 2gO service will be reduced in price to just £15.99 a month, with the charge for additional usage dropping to 99p per GigaByte (GB). Nildrams business product, Pro 2000 has been reduced to £56.56+VAT. Details on the regrades and how it will affect existing users can be found at

New customers should see the price changes immediately, existing Nildram customers e.g. DSL 1000 and DSL 2000 users will have their price reduced from April 2005. This represents a price cut of 25% and 42% respectively. The regrades to 2Mbps will be free in July, but for a £12.93 fee you can fast-track your upgrade. Older Surf 500 customers will need to pay £12.93 as a one-off fee to regrade to Broadband2.

The price cuts and regrades come with a clarification of the fair usage policy. Nildram is to introduce a 50GB per month fair usage limit for non-business customers during the hours of 8am till midnight, seven days a week. For people who exceed the 50GB limit, the service will continue to run, but at a lower speed of 64kbps. Extra capacity can be purchased for 99p per GB. What is very different compared to other providers, is that is you have unused allowance in a month, you can carry it over to the next month. So for example if you use 40GB in August, your September allowance will actually be 60GB. Nildram has stated that it believes only 1% of its userbase will be affected by the 50GB fair usage limit, in other words 99% of people are using under this level per month.

To give you an idea of how much 50GB of data is, it would be equivalent to watching an average broadband video stream (300kbps) for around 11 hours a day, every day of the month.


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