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Telecoms Adjudicator opens investigation on dispute between Bulldog and BT

The Office of the Telecoms Adjudicator (OTA) has now launched an investigation into the ongoing dispute between Bulldog and the BT Group in relation to the levels of repair provision available on shared and fully unbundled local loop lines. The details of the investigation can be found here.

Mr Peter Black is the independent Telecommunications Adjudicator and he has the unenviable task of resolving disputes like this between the incumbent (BT) and its competitors. The dispute revolves around the response times and service level agreements supplied by BT to the LLU operators, and in particular how these differ from the more mainstream BT IPStream products. Bulldog is calling for an equal level of response that matches the best response times BT can provide on its own IPStream products, which means a 20 hour time for fault rectification. This is actually the Enhanced care option that a BT IPStream provider can subscribe to, the normal standard response is 40 hours.

This dispute has been running in various forms since April 2003, lets hope that all parties can arrive at a settlement, so that the core task of advancing a Broadband UK can be concentrated on, rather than months of meetings and negotiations.


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