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12 Unlucky exchanges see RFS date delayed

This information is a few days old, but still worth publicising as people in the areas affected will want to be kept up to date. BT Wholesale has announced changes to thirteen RFS dates, unfortunately only one of these is in the good direction (Stillington). The changes are:


Old RFS Date

New RFS Date

Buchlyvie 2nd March 2005 6th April 2005
Freethorpe 2nd March 2005 1st June 2005
Langtree 2nd March 2005 18th May 2005
Limekilns 2nd March 2005 20th April 2005
Long Preston 2nd March 2005 11th May 2005
Milton Damerel 2nd March 2005 18th May 2005
Peat Inn 23rd February 2005 16th March 2005
Port Issac 9th March 2005 6th April 2005
Reedness 9th March 2005 24th June 2005
Speybay 2nd March 2005 4th May 2005
Stillington 23rd March 2005 23rd February 2005
Tedburn St Mary 9th March 2005 6th April 2005
Washford 9th March 2005 13th April 2005

As always thanks to Sam, from, whose eagle eyes spotted the changes.


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