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Pipex revamps with Pipex Solo 2000 at £33.99

Pipex users have being chasing Pipex for details over an expected revamp of their product range, and Pipex hpas now delivered the goods. The full Pipex press release can be read here. All prices in this item include VAT.

Pipex Lite is a new product, this will be a metered product, with various allowance options and extra allowance costing £2.50 per GB. The service will be sold as a 2Mbps service, but if a persons phone line will not support this, Pipex will connect you at a lower speed. The service normally costs £19.99 with a 2GB allowance, with a special offer price of £14.99 for the first three months. Two other monthly options exist, a 5GB package for £23.44, and 15GB for £27.99.

The Pipex Solo range continues, though Solo 500 is dropped now, the speed options available are Solo 250, Solo 1000 and Solo 2000, priced at £14.99, £23.44 and £33.99 respectively. Again if your line will not sustain 1Mbps, a 0.5Mbps service will be provisioned. To quote Pipex on the Solo service "PIPEX is one of the few remaining ISPs to offer truly unlimited broadband, PIPEX Solo, with no usage limits, no caps and no lock-ins."

Existing Pipex Solo users are set to benefit, free upgrades to double the speed of their lines where it is possible will be taking place. Pipex has also asserted its planing to take place in the BT Wholesale trials of ADSL at up to 8Mbps that is due to start in April 2005.

As a sign-up bonus for new customers on the Solo range, Pipex is set to offer a free weeks holiday accommodation as part of its World For Free promotion. Customers choose their own airline and insurance provider - terms and conditions for this offer will be on the Pipex website at


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