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Six exchanges in Cheshire and Warrington to get SDSL and ADSL

The six exchanges, Aldford, Arley, Bridgemere, Burleydam, Warmingham and Wincle in the Cheshire and Warrington areas are set to get ADSL and uniquely SDSL at the same time. This is due to a deal struck between BroadbandCONNECT and BT. With these six exchanges enabled on July 1st 2005, it should mean all of Cheshires exchanges have ADSL services available. More details are on

BroadbandCONNECT is a a regionally-based project fully funded by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA). Cheshire currently has a take-up rate of 18.9%, which is above the national average of 17.6%. London is at 23.1% currently - which may be a result of having had ADSL availability for so long rather than actually higher levels of demand.


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