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BT Major Service Incident Closed

BT Wholesale has marked the Manchester incident over the weekend as closed now, and released some more details. It should be noted that some earlier reports put the number of users affected at around 500,000, this is actually the number of users using the Manchester RAS. The fault affected around 10% of these users, which explains why on our BBS we saw people affected, but certainly nothing like the avalanche it would have been if it were 500,000 users.

Incident Details : On 12 January 2005 BT experienced some difficulties with Partial loss of Manchester ATM node 5 The fault was identified at 09:10 Saturday and was upgraded within BT to a Serious Incident. This is one of the highest levels available and ensured that BT mobilised a high level of resource to bring services back as soon as possible. The difficulty was as a result of Control card failures.

Progress Details : BT began to restore service at 09:10 and full service was restored by 16:31 13/02/05. Following a period of further monitoring and analysis, stability was achieved at 18:31 Sunday. Between 09:08 12/02/05 and 16:31 13/02/05, you and your customers will unfortunately have experienced an outage of service. BT has commissioned a review of the fault and has engaged our supplier to take steps to avoid a recurrence. In addition, BT is proactively monitoring relevant components within the network.


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