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Freedom2Surf revamps it Connect package range

Freedom2Surf has added a new product to its Connect range, Freedom2Surf Connect Plus which runs at up to 2Mbps, and includes a 50GB traffic allowance. A big difference with Freedom2Surf is that during the early morning, i.e. 1am to 6am traffic is unmetered. Another change is that the Connect Lite product range will see its cap rise from 1GB to 2GB while remaining at the same price of £14.99 per month. All prices include VAT. On the Connect range extra allowance can be purchased for £1.50 per GB.

Freedom2Surf connects all its Connect range customers at 2Mbps, or the fastest speed possible on their telephone line. Activation is £49.99 or if you take their bundled modem it is £79.99.



Traffic Allowance

Monthly fee

Connect Lite Up to 2Mbps 2GB £14.99
Connect Home Up to 2Mbps 10GB £19.99
Connect Plus Up to 2Mbps 50GB £24.99
Pure IP Power User 2Mbps No cap £46.98

Freedom2Surf while introducing products with capping, are at least allowing people unmetered access during the slack times of day, and additionally traditional unmetered packages are still available. The Connect Plus product looks to offer excellent value for money compared to many offer capped products, in fact it is offering three times the traffic allowance of what BT Retail look set to announce around 17th February 2005.

The managing director of Freedom2Surf Chris Panayis has some interesting comments about Freedom2Surf exploiting whichever technology will be best for customers in a particular area.

“More and more people are beginning to use the internet to watch video and download music and Freedom2Surf want to provide customers with a choice of affordable packages that allow people the flexibility to do more with broadband. The fact that all our Connect packages have connection speeds up to 2mb means that this is very much a reality for our customers.

BT’s recent announcement has allowed Freedom2Surf to make these changes, and we will be provisioning broadband using IPStream, Datastream and LLU, depending on whichever technology is best for customers in their particular location”.

Chris Panayis, Managing Director, Freedom2Surf plc

It is refreshing to see a service provider getting on with the job of providing a service, rather than expending resources forever complaining and posturing over the regulatory state of the market.


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